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Mick never would've given up. I am quite ignorant of French. But wait! There's more. I love sports. I get that from my father.

The Princess and the Irishman recognised each other, and were married, and had a great wedding that lasted for a year and a day. How do you expect us to do that? What was that song you were singing? Rex wants to come to our party. She's completely crazy about him. Let me work in peace.

I don't know why they are so steamed off at us. Hurf is on maternity leave now. I drank even the last drop. I love to eat cakes. I apologize for the delay in replying. Let Dan talk to me. Don't interrupt. I then realized that there was a female leopard roaring some fifty to sixty meters away. It would be better for you to stay in bed today. The best fish smell when they are three days old.

You were woken up. This would never have happened if Jong hadn't been here. When I'm home alone, the house is too quiet. I will have him call you the moment he gets back. Your son took part in the student movement, I hear. He always keeps his word. I heard that Belinda won't be at your party tonight.

The book is written in Spanish. My battery just died. The employee asked for the all the members rise in pay. Slender and form-fitting with a high cut, the new qipao contrasted sharply with the traditional one. I don't like the taste of this. Is a natural science major better than a social science major? We took a wrong turn. Her book is famous not only in England but also in Japan. God forbid that happen to us. We can't leave Brandon there without supervision.

Georgina bit her lips until they bled. Be here at six o'clock sharp. I read the letter to him.

My grandpa is a lively and good humoured man. At the party, everyone was wearing beautiful clothes. Doctors should help the sick or injured person. Why don't you ask him to do it? I brought the documents to my boss. I told Juri that wasn't a good idea. Fay has got a point. The loud noise is driving me crazy.

I never saw his face. Can I bum a cigarette off you? In every man, there are many flaws to correct. I'd like to ask a question. It has been raining. The roads are wet. How she talks!

It was frustrating. Are you going by bus or car? That sort of thing should be done away with. The Czar was overthrown. Won't Roberto ever come back? You should refrain from smoking. I was wondering what to do about Rudolf. They were all friends as children. The employees treat everything the company president says as a golden rule.

Werner wants me to stay for a couple of weeks. You can put five of them across the head of a match. My cat loves shrimp. Our little boy is growing up. I say it's time for a change. Focusing on Luna, instead of Mars, may be easier for now, in the theme of colonization. Luna is much closer.

Shankar enjoys a glass of wine every now and then. Fletcher sleeps a lot. What's a jungle? Eliot and Gregge risked everything. You came despite my ban. His hearing is very bad, he is almost deaf. Bob thinks it is a silly idea to call his mother who is so far away, to spend so much, and to say so little.